Retired American officials are paid 25 to 40 thousands dollars for each speech in favor of MKO

The spokesman would not disclose fees speeches, but many of them are paid 25 to 40 thousands dollars for every time they are present in these gatherings.

As reported by Habilian Association (families of Iranian victims of terror) database, quoted from Khabar online, Wall Street Journal web site announced that MKO has served outstanding figures for consultations in Washington and European capitals to represent the image of a popular and democratic alternative to Tehran's rulers.

Wall Street journal added: How ever the Obama administration and European officials fear that such activity would undermine Washington's policy of resorting to opposition forces in Iran. This American publication believes: "In this case, the U.S would appear to be allied with a group that is widely unpopular."


Why Iranian people so much hate MKO?

Wall Street journal has brought two reasons for Iranian hatred towards MKO: First, the group's military alliance with the Iraqi leader "Saddam Hussein" in 1980s and 1990s (the imposed war against Iran), and second, numerous terrorist attacks that MKO has attacked in Iran

The retired officials & MKO

The magazine wrote: Among the new speakers are members who recently have been exclude from the National Security Team of Barak Obama's administration, including James Jones, former National Security advisor, Dennis Beler, former director of National Intelligence, James Woolsey, former CIA chief. These officials plus figures such as former New York mayor, Rudy Giuliani has found a platform to applaud this terrorist gruplet.

How much does your support cost?

"Of course it seems that support of mentioned individuals from MKO is not free!" Wall Street Journal wrote. "The spokesman would not disclose fees speeches, but many of them are paid 25 to 40 thousands dollars for every time they are present in these gatherings."

According to this magazine, Howard Dean, former member of Democratic national committee, has said in a meeting in London: "we should exclude MKO from terror list, also we should recognize them for what they are, the legitimate government of Iran."

Why MKO should be removed from the blacklist?!

In another part of its report, Wall Street Journal recites arguments of those who agree to exclude MKO from what is called the list of terrorist groups. They are as fallowing:

A) Providing information about Iran's nuclear program, for the Wes,

B) Helping American soldiers in Iraq,

C) Existence of the Democratic Party policy in the organization (!).

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