Martyr Dr. Hassan Ayat

At 8 AM Wednesday 14 of Mordad 1360 (June 24, 1981), the voice of the IRI broadcasted this shocking news, “Hassan Ayat Majlis deputy from Tehran was martyred today morning in front of his house. That day afternoon the news papers wrote that the anti revolutionaries fired more than 60 bullets to Dr. Hassan Ayat.

In order to understand why he was terrored we must know what has been his function in the revolution. Without any doubts his most effective effect has been in his involvement in the ratification of the principle of Velayat Faghih in the constitution.

The story is as follows: a little while before the victory of the revolution, Hassan Habibi one of the members of the national front prepared the primary draft of the constitution on Imam's demand. The constitution draft which lacked the Velayat Faghih principle was approved by Imam and then the revolution council after its provision. Despite this having in mind what had come in the prime minister ordinance of Mohandas Bazargan, the provisional government and the forces supporting it, supported the establishment of the constitutional assembly for the reformation of the constitution draft, but based on the proposal of Ayatollah Taleghani and Imam's approval The constitution's expert assembly was established in order to compile the constitution; The assembly that Hassan Ayat was a member of its presidency board.

 He had a key role in submitting the principle of Velayat Faghih as an amendment to the Iranian constitution. This same fact cultivated the hatred for Ayat in the heart of those who opposed the principle of Velayat Faghih the most important of whom were the Mujahedin-e Khalq. This hatred of Mujahedin was so intense that they could not tolerate him and in continuation of their deadly terrors in the summer of 1360 they opened fire on him mercilessly.

 The IRP which published his biography later on writes the following about firing 60 bullets towards Ayat: “In this way we can comprehend the level of hatred of those who have been deceived and the foreign mercenaries facing one of the best people's sons and Imam's path followers."

 His wife "Mehraneh Moalem" who has had his head in her bosom in the last moment of his life says that at 6:30 of that morning he had a meeting it was as if there was a revelation to me that an accident would have happened that day. I woke up my son Mohsen, his guard was walking in the yard and was preparing the car, before he left the house the telephone ranged, I told him you should leave the house a little bit later, Majlis has achieved the Majority, you are tired, you are sick, get leave for a few days.

He said: no Majlis has an important meeting and I have to be there. I might take leave for a few days after that , so he got the phone and talked , it was several minutes to seven , usually I would see him to the door when he was leaving , but that day I had something to do in the kitchen , I went to the kitchen in a hurry , he went to the yard and got in to his car , they exited the door , all of a sudden I heard a machine gun fire , I went to the Balcony , I saw he threw himself behind the oil tank , the Machine gun was firing , and I was crying , I run in to the alley , the driver was shocked , it just took several seconds , everything happened one or two minutes to the seven , I saw his guard hit with a bullet and he was bleeding , he himself was hit in the neck and his brains , I pulled him out of the car , I saw that blood was jumping out of his nose and mouth , his face turned pale and….." Dr. Ayat the People's Majlis Deputy and the IRP secretary of Polite Bureaux was martyred.