Iran Arrests 10 Members of Terrorist, Spy Networks

Iranian Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi underlined Iran's upper hand in the war on terrorism and spying networks, and announced that Iran has recently arrested 10 terrorists and spies.


"Over ten people have been arrested in connection with different networks and the trend will be continued planning," Moslehi told reporters elaborating on the recent intelligence developments in Iran, specially the capture of the terrorists responsible for the assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Masoud Ali Mohammadi.

He reminded the role of Israeli spy agency (Mossad) and the US and western intelligence agencies' support for the terrorist networks in the region, including Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), PJAK (Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan), Jundollah, etc, and added, "The Islamic Republic of Iran has intelligence supremacy over these groups."

Moslehi said that those groups which have received heavy blows from Iran are meeting with the leaders of the Zionist regime of Israel and the NATO in European countries to find ways to better use their hirelings against the Islamic Republic.

He noted that enemies are not targeting Iran's nuclear sites only, and stated, "Our data and evidence show that the Zionist regime and its supporters have targeted any type of advancement made in Iran."

Moslehi warned the neighboring and regional states that Iran considers any interaction with Israel in such plots as a threat to the Islamic Republic and the region, and added that the existence of such bases harms the entire region.

Iran's Intelligence Ministry in a statement on Monday confirmed earlier reports on the capture of the terrorists who assassinated Iran's nuclear scientist Masoud Ali Mohammadi last year, revealing that the terrorist cell was an affiliate of the Israeli Mossad agency.

The intelligence ministry said in its statement that identification and apprehension of the terrorists was the result of extensive and precise security measures.

The statement also pointed out that Mossad has used its bases in a number of European states and even a number of Iran's neighboring countries to back up and lead assassination of Ali Mohammadi.