Martyr Mohammad Aabkar

Son of: Hassan Ali

Date of Birth: March22, 1945

Place of Birth: Famenin- Hamedan

Education: Diploma

Date of martyrdom: June 6, 1988

Place of Martyrdom: Mehran

Operation: Chandelier operation by MKO

Martyr Mohammad Aabkar was born in the era of Pahlavi tyranny to a very religious family on March22, 1945. He passed his childhood in his hometown where he grew up in a warm friendly family environment and went to school until he got his high school diploma. He was so talented and this caused his entering to military college to become a cadet. After graduation from college and passing classical courses, martyr A’abkar was introduced to 16 armored division in Qazvin where he passed different levels of promotion one after the other.

Amid the Islamic Revolution, Mohammad and his friends played a major role in fighting against the dictatorship.

During the imposed war martyr Aabkar moved to the war fronts with an exemplary courage and was finally martyred by MKO terrorist elements in the operational region of Mehran on June 6, 1988.