Massoud Rajavi and "sexual exploitation" of women

Text of report headlined "Former member of the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization [MKO] leadership council reveals Mas'ud Rajavi's sexual exploitation of MKO women" published by Iranian newspaper Keyhan on 9 September quoting Habilian Association.

A former member of the Monafeqin's [hypocrites - reference to Iranian opposition group Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization] leadership council has revealed the sexual exploitation of the women in this group by the Monafeqin leader.

According to a report by the Habilian News Website (of the families of the victims of terrorism in the country), Batul Soltani, who escaped from the Ashraf Camp [in north of Baghdad] around two years ago, has spoken about the Monafeqin leader's widespread sexual exploitation of women in this cult. She indicated that: "After the big meeting of the leadership council that was held in the Badi'zadegan Base in the winter of 1376 [year beginning 21 March 1997], Mas'ud and Maryam Rajavi informed me of my promotion and membership in the Leadership Council. Then a series of meetings began that included the group of individuals who had just joined the Leadership Council."

She pointed to the plans for the sexual exploitation of the women in this cult and added: "To enable Mas'ud Rajavi to achieve his desired objective, we were directed to a lounge called the 'X saloon.' The floor was covered by white sheets that were attached to the carpet. The entire saloon was white. Two white armchairs were also placed in the middle of the room. A table was placed in front of these chairs and on it there was a Koran, a mirror, and some lighted candles. A box was also placed on the table that I later learned contained some gold necklaces. A big, multi-layered cake also sat on the table. After the pronouncement of a temporary marriage between all the women of the Leadership Council and Mas'ud Rajavi, he asked these women to act freely around him. After this ceremony, he was exploiting the women of the Leadership Council for a long time." 

She continued by pointing to numerous cases of Rajavi's exploitation of the women of this cult and said: "Mas'ud Rajavi was using many of the divorced women in this cult, who had been forced to separate from their husbands to satisfy his sexual desires."

This former member of the Monafeqin [hypocrites] Leadership Council added: "They had portrayed the issue of having [sexual] relations with Mas'ud Rajavi in such a way that it appeared to us as the most sacred task. Mas'ud Rajavi was also using verses from the Koran to justify his behaviour." 

The history of the sexual exploitation of women and girls among the Monafeqin goes back many years. Sexual exploitation of women has been widespread in this cult, both before and after the victory of the Islamic Revolution. Before the victory of the Islamic Revolution, the leaders of this terrorist organization were trying to use women and girls as a tool to attract young men to their organization in the 1350s [1970s]. It is only natural that this was done at the great expense of those women and girls who were used for this purpose. 

Besides, many of those women and girls who were attracted to this organization because of the beautiful slogans that the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization was using at that time were forced, because of deceits and unwanted compulsion, to submit to the dirty demands of Rajavi's cult to attract [new] forces and bring classmates and friends in the neighbourhood to the safe houses. There, the members of the organization would rape these girls, take pictures and movies of these shameful scenes, and would use these to threaten and force the innocent girls into joining the organization. This was one of the main strategies used by the organization to bring in the girls. In the Monafeqin's view, the presence of these girls could benefit the organization in its various operations.


Source: Keyhan website, Tehran, in Persian 09 Sep 10