Cult of the Chameleon (1)

“Cult of the chameleon” is a news peace about the notorious cult of Mujahedin-e khalq (o.k. a MKO, MEK, NCRI, PMOI, NLA…) which is lead by Rajavis. MKO is the same terrorist organization which has so far killed more than 12000 Iranians and even a larger number of people in other parts of the world especially Iraq.

This documentary made by Aljazeera international in October, 2007 reveals a part of MKO manipulation process and human rights abuses as well as their atrocities in Iran.

Hello and welcome to WITNESS. I am Rageh Omar. During the ongoing and often contentious negotiations between Iran and the United States, there is one subject they both agree on: the MEK or the People’s Mojahedin of Iran is a terrorist organization. Massoud Rajavi is the leader of this bizarre Iranian Cult who over the years helped Ayatollah Khomeini overthow the Shah, then declared war on the Islamic Republic ruthlessly killing their fellow countrymen. They allied themselves with Saddam Hussein but now that he is gone are ardent supporters of the coalition. The MEK has switched allegiances so often that any underlying ideology is long gone. But one fundamental tenet remains; personal power.

Massoud Rajavi claims to be a bridge between his followers and God and the faithful believe him. Rajavi is a master of human psychology. He manipulated his followers’ weaknesses until they are prepared to do anything for him. One woman carried cyanide capsules in her mouth for two years ready to die for her leader.

Iranian film maker Maziar Bahari met her and other followers as he tried to untangle the CULT of the Chameleon.

For more than three decades, it has been one of the most secretive cults in the world - The People’s Mojahedin of Iran - or the MEK. Its leader is Massoud Rajavi.

Anne Singleton: Massoud Rajavi has likened himself as the bridge between people and God. Now from that position, he can more or less order his followers to do anything.

Marjan Malek: The MEK tell their members that Massoud Rajavi is not only your leader, but also your husband, father and brother. He is the only one who should matter in your life and you shouldn’t think about anyone else.

Narrator: In a suburban house in the northern English city of Leeds, Anne Singleton looks like any other suburban mother having a bit of after school playtime with her son. But for Anne and her husband Massoud Khodabandeh, it has been a long strange journey to this normality.

In the 1970s like many university students, Anne was looking for a challenge and a cause. She found it in an Iranian revolutionary group active in Leeds University.

Anne Singleton (former MEK supporter): When I became a full time cult member I gave up everything that I had. I gave up my home, and all the possessions in it. I gave up my car. I converted to Islam. I became Moslem. I had even burned my diaries. Since I was a kid I kept diaries, and in order to show them that I was so dedicated to them I just burned them all. Just, I gave myself to them.

Narrator: When Anne joined the MEK in Leeds in 1979, the organisation was helping the leader of the Iranian revolution - Ayatollah Khomeini - to depose Iran’s Monarch - the Shah.

The MEK shared Khomeini’s hatred of America and called him their Imam or Islamic leader. But the Ayatollah never thought Rajavi was a true Moslem. After the revolution, the MEK was outlawed, and Rajavi was banned from running for president.