MKO hostile role in killing the opponents of former Iraqi regime

Pointing to the MKO long record of criminal acts in Iraq, Member of Iraqi National Coalition stated that MKO played a prominent role in massacre of Iraqi Kurds and repression of Shiites Intifada as well as killing many other opponents of the former Iraqi regime.

In an interview with the database of Habilian Association (families of terror victims in Iran) and regarding the abilities of terrorist groups in Iraq, Nahede al-Tamimi said: Although the Iraqi elections was held in a relatively peaceful and secure ambiance, yet it should be acknowledged that some terrorist groups are somehow able to instigate criminal operations against the Iraqi people .


Pointing out the role of terrorist groups in creating unrest in Iraq, the Iraqi politician continued: some terrorist groups have taken advantage of the lack of new government in order to bring about terrorist operations in Iraq and this way affect the public opinion and interrupt the process of government formation.

Al-Tamimi called MKO the tame soldiers of Baath Party and said: MKO and the leftovers of the Baath Party do their best to make obstacles on the way of establishing an integrated government in Iraq via preventing the Iraqi army and security forces form acting in northern parts of Iraq.

The Iraqi political activists continued: the MKO interests in Iraq are directly dependent on the Ba’ath party restoration in the country while they have committed numerous crimes in Iraq, among which I could mention their key role in suppressing the Shiites uprisings in 1991 and massacre of Iraqi Kurds as well as killing many other dissidents to the former Ba’athist regime.


Considering the MKO argument for being protected persons and political refugees al-Tamimi said: There is no reason for MKO to stay in Iraq while the Iraqi constitution strictly prohibits the presence of any terrorist groups on its soil. Besides MKO could not possibly enjoy the refugee status due to their being a military force.


Then al-Tamimi criticized the US support for this terrorist cult and said: the Iraqi government insists on the expulsion of MKO from Iraq; but America continues to support them and prevents them from being deported from Iraq, besides no country in the world is ready to accept MKO due to their long history of atrocities and violence.


Referring to the necessity of MKO expulsion from Iraq, member of Iraqi journalists’ society also said: The only solution to MKO expulsion from Iraq is the US complete withdrawal from Iraq.