On MKO cultic and deterrent measures

The repeated airplay of a series of inter-organizational sessions discussing MKO’s July’s violent reaction against the entrance of Iraqi forces that left many casualties from the both sides well illustrates the organization’s bias toward cultic and non-democratic practices. The sessions, held in absence of Rajavi and under the title of ‘in defense of camp Ashraf’, mainly focused on the procedures that resulted in the withdrawal of Iraqi police forces. Emboldened by the consequences, the organization is preparing for and seriously considering further systematically organized defensive measures to defend its bastion against any similar move by the Iraqi government. There are some significant points in this regard to be considered.

1. As mentioned before, the survival of Camp Ashraf is dependent upon these never-ceasing sessions and it is impossible to alter or modify the relation between the organization’s high rankings and rank-and-files as long as the form and structure of Mojahedin organization and discipline remains as such. Likewise, Rajavi refers to Camp Ashraf and his ideological revolution as the main factor in the survival of MKO. He believes that his opponents have failed to understand his internal ideological revolution.


2. The main point is the indirect presence of Rajavi in the sessions. Though his physical absence may have some negative consequences, even his indirect presence may double the mental and psychological upshots therein. Another point is how Rajavi develops his relationship with MKO members. Before, he deemed it necessary to have a direct and close control over the members and to motivate them to put all faith in mechanisms imposed on them. Although living in hideout, the members are persuaded to feel his presence.


3. These sessions are highly significant to the point that Rajavi has repeatedly focused on the necessity of their holding. He considers it as one of the main achievements of the struggles in the contemporary history and also one of the main inter-organizational principles of Marxism.


The significance of the sessions can be reviewed from different aspects yet the main issue is how to nullify the negative and destructive consequences of this inter- organizational mechanism of Rajavi. Iraqi officials have to get a deep understanding of MKO’s systematized programming and procedures to force them desist from relocation of Camp Ashraf. It has been pointed out over and over again that determination of the destiny of Ashraf residents depends on communicating and sympathy with MKO separated members. According to the statements made by MKO former members as well as international reports, findings and studies on cultic relations, the sole solution for meeting the challenge of Mojahedin in Iraq is separating the body (the members) from the head (the leaders) of the organization.


However, the evidences disclose that the direct and hierarchical relationship between the head and body within MKO is as before and it is unlikely to undergo any changed or be altered. Mojahedin cannot be neither relocated nor expelled from Iraqi soil unless a heavy strike splits MKO leadership from the members. The airplay of the sessions may imply that there would be no change in the organizational relations of MKO as long as these sessions are held. As shown in Mojahedin TV, Rajavi is still brainwashing Ashraf residents to celebrate triumph over the adversaries after they have been coerced to resort to violence and self-destruction.