Habilian presence in Tehran International book fair 2010 (TIBF)

Habilian Association presence in 23rd Tehran International Book Fair 2010 (TIBF) was unprecedentedly welcomed by masses of people who wanted to know more about the crimes terrorist groups, mainly MKO (a.k.a MEK, PMOI, NCRI...), have so far committed against Iranian people.

Representing the families of terror victims in Iran, Habilian Association had an active presence in 23rd Tehran International Book Fair 2010 which was attended by 1915 publishers from around the world.

During this year book fair and along with various local and foreign publishers, Habilian Association exposed to the public MKO bloody history of terror and violence against the innocent people of Iran which was extremely welcomed by the viewers. this exhibition was comprised of the history of MKO from the very beginning, sectarian relations within the cult, MKO role in the imposed war, the assassination of innocents, tricks and advertising methods of MKO, MKO crimes against the Iraqi people, their role in the recent unrest especially their direct role in the riots of the day of Ashura, their martyr creating project and confessions of MKO elements who were seized in Ashura about how they had been ordered to set fire to public places and transportation system.

Among others, the MKO internal relations and the way their gang leaders treat the rank and file members, their complicated manipulation and brainwashing systems and the harsh physical as well as mental tortures and persecutions the dissident members are exposed to inside the cult, compulsory divorces and how MKO abuses the women as well as their alliance with former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein were the most attention-grabbing items.

The exhibition was also visited by a number of Iranian MPs and Habilian Association’s software products over MKO crimes were exceptionally welcomed by the people.

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