A Historic Trial and Unprecedented Horror of Terrorists

After more than four decades of expectation by several thousand families of Iranian terror victims, the first session of the historic trial of 104 members of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MeK) terrorist group is scheduled to be held in Tehran on Tuesday December 12, 2023. However, it seems that this event is more important for this group which is responsible for those horrible acts of terror in the country.
Since the day that the Iranian judicial authorities announced that they plan to prosecute fugitive members of the MeK, we witnessed hysterical reactions by this terrorist group which indicates the extent of their worry regarding the consequences of this trial. As the most recent example of this hysteria, the MeK announced via its official media that it has called its members to carry out 100 terrorist operations in different parts of Iran as a rection to the trial whose first session was set to be hold three days later.  
Following the MeK’s forced disarmament after the US invasion of Iraq in 2003 and fall of Saddam Hossein, as the main supporter of the group, it has attempted to pretend itself as a democratic group which advocates a peaceful regime change in Iran in an effort to deceive some Western politicians.
Activation of the MeK’s terrorist cells known as “rebel centers” in the country reveals how fake its democratic and peaceful slogans are. However, perhaps no event could arouse this hysteria among the MeK other than holding an unprecedented and Historic trial about their crimes during the 80s and killing of thousands of innocent civilians through bombing and armed activities, to the extent that they have called for 100 terrorist acts to be carried out in the country.
Undoubtedly, a nation that has put behind such a harsh and cruel period not only will not give up on the prosecution of the murderers of its children, but it will be more determined to do such actions in order to shed light on the nature of this terrorist group for the world public opinion.