Families of Terror Victims’ Statement Addressing French Government and Judicial System

As one of the largest communities of terror victims in the world which has strongly felt the bitter taste of terrorism for over four decades, The Families of Iranian Victims of Terrorism has always warned governments and international bodies against neglecting terrorism or appeasing it.

According to international reports, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK) terrorist group besides assassination of Iranian citizens, has been involved in various criminal activities such as kidnapping and human trafficking, treason, money laundering, fraud and cyberattacks for more than forty years.

In the latest case, presence of the Albanian police in the group’s camp in Tirana to enforce a court’s order to conduct a search was faced the violent reaction of the group members which injured a few police officers all signifying the group’s lawlessness and lack of accountability for their criminal acts. Inspection of the servers and computers of this group by the Albanian police indicated that the MEK has been responsible for cyberattacks and destruction of relations between countries.

This terrorist and law-evading group has been operating and planning its criminal and terrorist acts against the Iranian people in France for over four decades while the French government has welcomed and sheltered this group and its leader despite being fully aware of their crimes.

Instead of being prosecuted internationally on charges of terrorism against thousands of Iranian and Iraqi citizens through direct participation in Saddam’s war crime against Iran and cooperation with intelligence services in suppressing Iraqi Kurds and Turkmen in the 1990s, the terrorist group’s ringleader, Maryam Rajavi, is being constantly supported by French government and MPs. This is a shame for those who claim to establish laws and represent the French people.

The French government and legislators, who provide ample facilities for this group and allow its ringleaders to spread their hate speech against Iran on French soil, must be held accountable for all the crimes this terrorist group has committed in the past decades in Iran and Iraq and even for their criminal acts in Albania.

The 40-year-long presence of the MEK in France has brought no success for the Paris except creating a deep feeling of dissatisfaction among Iranians with this country. Our people will never forget the bitter memories of the days when the group’s terror cells, backed by the Iraqi dictator and French and US governments, assassinated Iranian citizens on the streets on a daily basis. Therefore, we rightly expect the French government and its judicial institutions to stop supporting this notorious terrorist group and damaging relations with the ancient and long-standing culture and civilization of Iran, and to prepare the ground for extradition and prosecution of this group.

Habilian (Iranian Families of Terror Victims)
3 July 2023