Behind the Dust

“Behind the Dust”, written by Mohsen Famil Zargarian, is a story of the Mojahedin Organization to make them more and better known to the new generation.

All the narratives of the book have been compiled using historical documents and interviews with survivors from Ashraf Barracks.

* What inspired you to write this story?

Since I hold an unspeakable grudge against the People's Mojahedin Organization, I got so angry when I saw that in western media advertisements, they are purifying Mojahedin Organization and portraying them as good people!

Thus, this prompted me to focus on this issue and make a promise to myself that I would write about the Mojahedin organization, and I envisioned it in the form of a novel, since in a novel, all of the documents can be gathered and the facts can be given to the audience within the narrative, which is more captivating.

* Was this your first work?

Yes, it was the first work published.

* How long did it take to write the book?

I interviewed people who left the organization for a year, and in the meantime, I read many books about the organization, those who left, and related issues.

* How did they agree to share their memories?

Most of them had a hatred for the organization. They felt that they were exploited by the organization, their life was wasted and they lost their lives. Therefore, they were willing to do anything to compensate for these events.

* Why do you think there are still people who are attracted to the organization?

People are not fully aware; Especially the young generation. People are not fully aware; Especially the young generation. In fact, the Mojahedin organization is doing its best to hide behind Islam, even though it has a very subversive point of view, like being a socialist while wearing monotheism and Islam as clothing.