Iraqi army detains 8 ISIL forces across country

Iraqi Army's information unit on Sunday announced that 8 elements of the ISIL terrorist group were detained in different regions of the country.

he ISIL terrorists were arrested in Iraq's Baghdad, Al Anbar, Basrah, and Nineveh.

The terrorists were detained during security ambushes in the mentioned regions and have been handed over to the judicial system for further investigation and interrogation, according to the reports.

Iraqi security forces on Saturday also identified and arrested an ISIL terrorist who was going to carry out a suicide attack in Diyala province.

ISIL, which attacked Iraq on June 7, 2014, and managed to capture about 45% of the country's territory for a short period of time, was defeated in November 2017; However, since then, the remanent members of the terrorist group are still present and operating in Iraq and Syria and carry out terrorist activities from time to time.

Recently, the ISIL group carried out a series of attacks on the areas of Kirkuk, Nineveh, Diyala, and Jalawla suburbs, and east of Saladin. Some security sources reported the existence of ISIL training centers in the Anbar desert in western Iraq and the border with Syria.