US support for anti-Iran terror cult further proves fake image of American human rights: Tehran

Iran's Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the United States for lionizing the ringleader of the anti-Iran terrorist cult of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO), and for reiterating its alliance with terrorists and murderers of thousands of Iranians.

"The American regime's alliance with the terrorists and killers of more than 17,000 Iranian citizens became [just] clearer," ministry spokesman Nasser Kan'ani wrote in a tweet.

Kan'ani said, "The recent move of some politically-bankrupt American figures to try to 'whitewash terrorism' and reprehensibly sanctify the terrorist MKO ringleader and criminal mercenary of [former Iraqi dictator] Saddam, have further shown the bogus image of American human rights."

On Saturday, Washington hosted, what American officials have defined as, a so-called "gathering of Iranian opposition groups." The summit was joined by the MKO's infamous ringleader Maryam Rajavi as well as several former American officials, including former secretary of state Mike Pompeo, all of whom advocated "regime change" in Iran and glorified the foreign-backed riots that have been taking place across Iran over the past weeks.

The US and its allies have been voicing outright support for the rioters, who have been trying to hijack protests that emerged following the death of a young Iranian woman, named as Mahsa Amini.

Amini died in police custody in mid-September in an incident, which has been proven to have happened as a result of illness, not through any fault of Iranian law enforcement forces.

Large numbers of Iranian civilians and security forces have died in the riots so far as the Western allies' increasingly glorify the violence.

The MKO has a dark history of assassinations and bombings against the Iranian government and nation. It notoriously sided with former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein during Iraq's 1980-88 war against the Islamic Republic.

Western countries, topped by the US, have, however, delisted the MKO as terrorist group.

The notorious terrorist group throws lavish conferences every year in Paris, with certain American, Western, and Saudi officials as its guests of honor. They include Pompeo, former US national security advisor John Bolton, former US president Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, former Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper, and former Saudi Arabian spy chief, Prince Turki al-Faisal.

Kan'ani also asserted that, "The American regime's recourse to bankrupts and criminals in order to apply more pressure on the Iranian government and people, bespeaks its empty-handedness."

"However, this does not diminish the fact that the US is legally accountable for its violation of Iranian people’s rights and its support for a known terrorist organization," Foreign Ministry spokesman concluded.