Be Our Voice: The Family of Terror Victims Urge Raeisi

Following the Iranian president’s travel to the US to deliver a speech at the UN General Assembly, Families of Iranian Victims of Terrorism issued a letter asking him to deliver their voice to the world.

The letter reads as follows:

His Excellency Dr. Seyed Ebrahim Raeisi
The Honorable President of the Islamic Republic of Iran
On the occasion of your travel to the United States to deliver a speech at the United Nations General Assembly, we seize the opportunity to request Your Excellency to be the voice of the large family of the country’s terror victims to the world.
The Iranian nation has always been a victim of bitter and violent events in the past four decades, which were imposed by terrorists supported by Western countries. Although Iranian people had been hit by terrorist operations from the first days of the Islamic Revolution, a wave of violent assassinations by grouplets including the notorious group Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MEK) swept the country just two years after the revolution resulting in the killing of more than 17,000 innocent citizens including women and children.
The 1980s signifies the widespread assassinations of thousands of Iranian citizens who unfortunately are not with us today, and whose murderers, disappointed in achieving their goals, have gone to the United States and some western countries in order to continue planning to overthrow the country’s political system and targeting authorities and citizens.
Brutal assassination of the then Iranian President and Prime Minister, assassination of the head of the country’s judicial system and parliament members, assassination of prime clerics, blind killings, border attacks, kidnapping and torture, setting people on fire in public transport buses, and military cooperation with the then Iraqi dictator Saddam in the imposed war are all part of our nation’s bitter memories of the crimes of terrorist groups, especially the MEK.

Dear Mr. President,
What bothers our people and victims and survivors of terrorist attacks, is that the perpetrators of these operations are fully supported by the United States and some European countries, instead of being punished.
It excruciating to recall how the US, France, England, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark provided the MEK terrorist group with offices and facilities after they assassinated the Iranian president, Mr. Rajaei, in order for the MEK to plot their violent armed actions against Iran in these countries.
It is interesting that, after 16 years of assassinating Iranian people and officials, the US designated the MEK as a terrorist group without taking any measures to arrest, extradite, and execute them or close their offices. Even later, they delisted the terrorist group.
Such acts indicate nothing but division of terrorism into good and bad and also double standards of the west regarding dealing with terrorism. The American authorities are aware of the nature of the MEK terrorist group and the long-term backing they received from the former Iraqi dictator despite numerous international documents. They acknowledge Iranians’ hatred for the MEK. Yet, they attend their camps and compounds and announce their alliance with murderers of Iranian people.
Dear Mr. Raeisi,
The United States of America and the West removed the MEK from their terrorist lists so that they could set the ground for their transfer from Iraq to a third country.  After being expelled from Iraq and settling in Albania with the support of the United States and the Zionist regime, the MEK continued to plan attacks against our country, and establishing armed terrorist cells known as "rebel centers" is part of the MEK’s new crimes.
The recent message of the MEK leaders in which they called for murder, terror and armed violence should make its supporters realize that the essence of this group has not changed and that an armed terrorist group will always never lower its weapon.
Dear Mr. President,
We believe that terrorism targets the peace and security of countries, and dealing with them is a legitimate matter and a universal demand. Our question is why members of a terrorist group which has assassinated thousands of innocent people in Iran and Iraq and continues to use violence and weapons, should operate freely in some Western countries and the United States while their actions are being ignored by countries that claim to fight against terrorism? Why are murderers swapped with victims?
As the family of 17,000 Iranian terror victims and on behalf of the citizens of our country, we would like to ask you and the honorable government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to seriously assert the rights of the families of the terror victims through international organizations and institutions for prosecution, extradition and trial of leaders of the MEK terrorist group on charges of murdering thousands of citizens and treason against their own people by siding with former Iraqi dictator Saddam and also make the voice of terror victims heard in the international community. We would like to assure you and the respected government that families of Iranian terror victims will be with you in making this urgent demand.
Yours Sincerely,
Families of Iranian Victims of Terrorism