Compelling evidence suggested some countries’ support for the MEK in the 1980s

In an interview with Al-Alam Television Network on the occasion of the martyrdom of Mr. Rajaei and Mr. Bahonar and the national day of fight against terrorism, Seyyed Reza Qazvini Ghorabi, a researcher in the field of terrorism, said that there are convincing documents which reveal some countries have been supporting the MEK terrorist group since the 1980s.

The full interview is as follows:
TV host: Iran is one of the countries most affected by terrorism, but America and the Zionist regime claim that Iran supports terrorism. what is your opinion?

Ghorabi: Before answering your question, allow me to point something out.  A while ago, I came across a piece of document that was published by the MEK terrorist group in the early 1980s. In this document, the MEK had published the telephone numbers of their offices in a number of western countries such as France, Denmark, Sweden, England and the United States. This evidence clearly indicates that this terrorist group have been supported since the beginning of the 1980s by countries that accuse Iran of supporting terrorism. This document alone is proof of which countries support the MEK terrorist groups which has assassinated more than 17,000 innocent Iranian citizens, including martyrs Rajaee, Bahnar, and Beheshti. Iran is one of the biggest victims of terrorism in the world and many countries are well aware of it. But because these countries have powerful media coverage, they can easily change the facts and swap victims with murderers.

TV host: The Mojahedin-e Khalq group now reside in Albania and are supported by the United States and Western countries. You mentioned the existence of documents which prove that the MEK along with other terrorist groups have assassinated 17,000 innocent Iranian citizens. In the media what can we do to show the world how these countries are backing the MEK?

Ghorabi: I am of the opinion that the issue of terrorism and dealing with it are in fact a political issue. Regional and extra-regional countries deal with this case politically and merely based on their interests and that is why some divide terrorism into good and bad. This double standard exists in some of these countries. I believe that the media can play a significant role in acquainting the audience with the crimes of these terrorist groups, including the MEK. Look at the topic of exhibitions that were held recently in the capital of Sweden. This exhibition aimed to make the public aware of the MEK terrorist group’s crimes. We all witnessed how this group tried its best to prevent this exhibition from being covered by Swedish and European media. They even assaulted one of your colleagues in Press TV so that their true nature is not revealed to the public opinion and media.

There are thousands of documents concerning the MEK’s crime, which media such as Al-Alam Television Network can present to the public and set the grounds for legal and judicial processes.