Iran denounces Israeli missile strike on Damascus

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman on Friday blasted the latest Israeli missile strike on Syria close to the capital Damascus that resulted in fatalities and injuries.

“The Zionist regime's continuous aggression and attacks on Syria are a clear violation of the country's sovereignty and territorial integrity and a flagrant violation of recognized international principles and regulations,” Nasser Kanaani underscored.

The Foreign Ministry spokesman went on to voice that the international community, especially the United Nations Security Council, must fulfill its obligation to deal with the ongoing crimes and high-risk behavior of the Zionist regime.

“The repeated attacks of the Zionist regime on Syria are a breach of this country's sovereignty and territorial integrity and will help armed terrorists and maintain and strengthen their presence in Syria, which actually threatens the security of the region,” Kanaani remarked.

He also expressed surprise and sorrow over the silence of the international organizations and human rights advocates over such illegal behaviors by the Israeli regime.

According to the ministry, the Israeli enemy launched an air strike from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan, adding that Syria's air defense was able to intercept some of the incoming missiles.

On Friday morning, Syrian media said that Israel had hit Damascus, killing three military forces and injuring seven more.

The strike was the 17th of its kind by Israel against Syria since 2018.

After 2011, as Syria was engulfed in a wave of widespread, foreign-backed militancy and terrorism, Tel Aviv’s attacks on the country began to increase considerably in size and regularity.

In response to the Israeli attack, Syria's Foreign Ministry stated that the nation reserves the right to confront persistent Israeli aggression with appropriate measures in conformity with international law and the United Nations Charter.

The ministry confirmed the Israeli criminal acts of aggression using missile bursts from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan targeting some points in the vicinity of Damascus in two identical letters to the UN secretary general and the president of the Security Council, according to Syria's official news agency SANA.

The ministry pleaded on the UN and Security Council to uphold their obligations under the UN Charter and denounce such kinds of Israeli aggression.

It asserted that the Security Council's failure to take the necessary steps to stop and denounce the Israeli regime's repeated attacks demonstrates the international body's inability to accept responsibility for its actions and its failure to carry out even the bare minimum of its obligations in maintaining peace and security in the area and around the globe.

It emphasized that the U.S. aggression and violations of international law, the occupation of northeast Syria, the looting of its oil, and the provision of weapons to the terrorists hired by Washington to obstruct a political settlement and the restoration of security and stability to Syria cannot be separated from the Israeli attacks.

The strikes, according to the ministry, are carried out in direct support of the armed terrorist organizations that are committing atrocities across Syria.

The Israeli regime, together with the U.S. and other Western and regional partners, has been a staunch sponsor of the terror organizations acting against the Damascus government.