“56 years of Terror” Held in Sweden

An exhibition on documents of Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MeK)’s crimes is on view in Sweden.

According to Habilian, the “56 years of Terror Exhibition”, which is now being held by Habilian Association (Families of Iranian Victims of Terrorism) and includes images and documents about the MeK’s crimes since its establishment 56 years ago, opened from today, Thursday, June 10 and will go on for two days in front of Stockholm court in Sweden.

This exhibition is on view in front of the court building, where some time ago during the trial of the Iranian citizen Hamid Nouri, members of the MEK terrorist group once appeared as plaintiffs and witnesses.

The Swedish court’s unconventional approach raised serious objections of Iranian families of terror victims. In their correspondence with Swedish political and judicial authorities and in a meeting with the Swedish ambassador in Tehran, these families objected to the Swedish court for allowing terrorists to appear in court to file a complaint and testify, calling it an unfair, cruel procedure where killers are swapped with martyrs. Therefore, Habilian aimed to run an exhibition on MeK terrorist group’s crimes in front of this politicized court.

Propagating tens of documents and images on MeK crimes for the first time has resulted in MeK’s anger and violent reactions. Fear of enlightening the Swedish public opinion about the reality and true nature of this terrorist group has led to MeK issuing a few statements in in the final opening hours of the exhibition calling for its cancellation.

More details of this exhibition along with its pictures will be published in upcoming news.