Iran Diplomat Calls for Collective Coop. to Fight Terrorism

The Islamic Republic of Iran as the biggest victim of terrorism in the world underlined the need for collective cooperation in the fight against terrorism, an Iranian diplomat said.

Consul General of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Nourian published a message on Friday, noting, “The Iranian people and government censure any kind of creating insecurity and chaos as well as promoting fear caused by terroristic moves and satanic acts committed by common enemies of regional nations.”

Nourian reiterated condemnation of recent terroristic attacks in Karachi city of Pakistan, expressing solidarity with injured people and families of victims of the incidents, adding that “Iran itself is the biggest victim of terrorism and from the beginning of the victory of the Islamic Revolution up to now, our 17k citizens lost their lives by satanic elements of terrorism as well as their supporters.”

Despite unreal propaganda in certain media outlets, the Iranian nation is the biggest victim of terrorism in the world, he noted.

The Iranian diplomat went on to say that Pakistan and Iran enjoy important position in the region, and that pursuing a regional and collective collaboration can help overcome terrorism.

The embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Pakistan categorically ruled out any potential link between perpetrators of recent terrorist attacks in Karachi to Iran, warning against unprofessional comments.

Third parties want to propose wrong address in a bid to disrupt brotherly ties between Pakistan and Iran; so, both sides should be vigilant in this regard, the embassy urged.