Iran Slams Terrorist Attack on Syrian Mourners

Islamic Republic of Iran’s embassy in Damascus, capital city of Syria, has censured terrorist attack on a burial ceremony of Syrian national martyrs in the suburb of Aleppo, Nabl, and al-Zahraa districts, in Aleppo governorate.

The Iranian embassy has written on its Twitter account that the hands of terrorism have once more proved that they are a tool used in line with conducting foreigners’ plots and they do not hesitate to bombard burial ceremony of martyrs and massacre innocent children.

We condemn the act by the terrorist hands in the suburb of Aleppo and two regions of Nabl and al-Zahraa and ask Allah to bestow patience to the bereaved families of the martyrs of the terrorist attack, the message emphasized.

New media outlets reported on Friday that terrorist groups carried out rocket attack on a burial ceremony of martyrs of national defense in Syria.

12 Syrian army troops were killed and 14 others sustained injuries after their bus was targeted with a missile by terrorists in the western part of Aleppo, Lebanon’s al-Mayadeen news network said on Friday.

The Syrian Arab Republic has been gripped by militancy since March 2011, which has been aided and abetted by regional and transregional players.

The government in Damascus underlines that the Zionist regime as well as its Western and regional allies are aiding and abetting terror groups that are wreaking havoc in the war-torn state.