Intelligence Forces Arrest Komala Terrorists in Western Iran

Iran’s Intelligence Ministry announced that its forces have disbanded a terrorist cell affiliated with the Komala terrorist grouplet in the western province of Kurdistan.

In a statement on Thursday, the Intelligence Ministry said its forces in Kurdistan Province have identified and arrested the members of an “organizational cell” of the Komala terrorist grouplet ahead of the International Quds Day.

Pointing to the dark record of the Komala members in committing acts of terrorism and assassinating civilians in Iran, the statement said the notorious group has been working under the patronage of (foreign) intelligence services in recent years in order to pervert the social demands and has been acting covertly in an organized manner to spread propaganda against Islam, run a campaign of misinformation against Iran, and organize the propaganda cells.

The members of the cell, who were being guided from outside the country, had plans to upset the security of various events in Iran and overshadow the International Quds Day and the Workers' Day, the statement noted.

The Intelligence Ministry also noted that the arrested members of the terrorist cell were involved in a series of crimes, such as collecting information about the guilds and economic problems, provoking protests in front of the governorates, trying to foment clashes and unrest and documenting the protests, spreading false news about the homicide or suicide of Kurdish women, and offending the religious sanctities.

The Komala is an Iraqi-based terrorist organization which has carried out assassinations in western Iran since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.