ISIL Terrorists' Largest Base in Kirkuk Destroyed

The commander of the Kirkuk Joint Operations Command announced that the ISIL terrorists' largest base in the Wadi al-Shay area of Kirkuk province was destroyed on the third day of the Iron Hammer operation.

Lieutenant-General Ali Al-Fariji said that a number of weapons, equipment, ammunition, and explosives belonging to ISIL terrorists were confiscated in the operation.

The Iraqi military destroyed this important ISIL base on the third day of the Iron Hammer operation in Kirkuk province.

The Security Media Cell announced on Wednesday morning, the launch of Operation Iron Hammer; a broad and comprehensive security operation; to search Wadi al-Shay and Wadi Izghitun in Kirkuk province and areas adjacent to the Hamrin mountain range.

Although the Iraqi government announced the liberation of all occupied areas from ISIL terrorists in December 2017, ISIL remnants have been hiding in small parts of the country mainly in the provinces of Diyala, Al-Anbar, Saladin, and Nineveh. From time to time, they carry out terrorist operations against the military and civilians.