Iran Urges France to Fulfill Duty in Terrorism Fighting

Reacting to the French Foreign Minister’s baseless and unfounded remarks on two convicts in Iran, the Secretary of the Iranian Judiciary's Human Rights Council called on France to fulfill its duty in the fight against terrorism.

Kazem Gharibabadi reacted to the French Foreign Ministry’s remarks about two convicts and use of the term “hostage-taking” and threat of exertion of pressure on Iran to release them, saying, “The difference between Iran and France is that we deal with criminals according to the law, but France protects criminals and terrorists. The free and active presence of some members of the terrorist group of MKO in this country confirms this.”

He went on to say that a country that uses its citizens for espionage and acts contrary to national security and then threatens the other countries for their release has no right in this regard.

France is indebted to the Iranian people because of its numerous actions committed in violation of the rights of Iranian people especially in the case of MKO and is not in a position to adopt decisions for the judicial system of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Gharibabadi added.