The Watchlist’s First Issue Released by Habilian

The first issue of The Watchlist, a monthly produced by researchers at Habilian Association (representative of families of the Iranian victims of terrorism), has been released.

The periodical provides the audience with information, reports and documents related to terrorist groups operating in Iran and West Asia region as well as their history in order to raise awareness, and caution the elite against the dangers of terrorism and violent extremism.
important topics mentioned in this issue are: The Mojahedin-e Khalq’s presence and activities in Albania and its effects on the country’s shaken stability, terrorist risks to Europe that could come from Albania by accepting a terrorist group with experience in various types of fraud and corruption, Albanian reporter’s observations from her visit to the MeK’s camp near Tirana, and some cases of assassination in Iran by terrorist groups including the MeK.

The report may be accessed here.

Stay tuned for our next issues.