US former Navy commander says US military is well-organized terror organization with uniforms

The US claims that Iran is a state sponsor of terrorism, but the US military is nothing more than well-funded and well-organized terror organization with uniforms, said Leah Bolger, a retired US navy commander on Tuesday.   

Speaking in an exclusive interview with IRNA, Bolger said that Iran has not attacked another country in the past 300 years, and is not a threat to the US.

When Trump withdrew the US from the Iran Nuclear Deal (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action), he undid years of unprecedented negotiation, diplomacy and relationship building between Iran and the other signatories of the Deal and caused irreparable harm to world order, Bolger said.  

“This withdrawal was reckless, irresponsible and unnecessary.  Iran was in full compliance with the Deal and had created absolutely no reason for the US. to claim otherwise,” she added.   

“None of the other signatories, or even other countries, supported his action, which has only served to isolate the US and diminish its capacity for future diplomacy.  The Deal promised that in exchange for dismantling its nuclear weapons development, the crippling economic sanctions on Iran would be lifted.  When the U.S. did not lift sanctions, and in fact, added more, there was no incentive for Iran to uphold its part of the Deal, and now the situation is even worse than ever.”

What is really so upsetting and frustrating to me, is that our 2-party system has become so divisive, that gaining and holding the majority in Congress is the only concern, she said, adding that before Trump was elected, Republicans described him as a clown and derided him, but once he was elected, they support every idiotic thing he does, and don't hold him accountable, or even acknowledge any of the abhorrent things he has done or said.

“Trump is an abomination.  He is a narcissist in the truest sense of the word and a habitual liar.  He lacks a scintilla of compassion, or understanding of foreign policy, or even common sense,” Bolger said.   

“On the domestic side, because he is also a racist and supports white supremacists who form armed militias which intimidate and provoke peaceful protesters with their combat gear weapons, and with the tacit approval of the police, I am worried that his actions could actually start a civil war,” she added.