FM spox urges US govt. to give up economic terrorism, illegal behaviors

In a reaction to the dialog between Venezuelan government and opposition in Norway, Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Seyyed Abbas Mousavi on Saturday called for the US administration to relinquish economic terrorism and illegal behaviors.

To improve and ameliorate condition of Venezuelan people, it is necessary for US government to give up economic terrorism and illegal behaviors which violate human rights, Mousavi reiterated.

While welcoming this initiative, he said, “we hope that these talks will lead to a political solution between the two parties and Venezuela will be able to improve economic situation and livelihood of its people as soon as possible.”

Mousavi pointed to the harmful effects of intervention of some countries in Venezuela’s domestic affairs and added, “unfortunately, the United States has put the people of Venezuela under a collective punishment by blocking and looting its financial resources. For this reason, it is necessary for the US government to relinquish economic terrorism and illegal behaviors to improve livelihood condition of Venezuelan people.”

About two days ago, some media outlets had revealed the trip of Venezuela’s government representatives and opposition to Norway for examining possible options on the recent developments in this country.