US waging economic terrorism against Iran: Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says the Trump administration is waging “economic terrorism” against the Islamic Republic by imposing sanctions that impede the relief efforts toward flood-hit people across the country.

In a Monday tweet, Zarif said that US President Donald Trump’s “maximum pressure'—flouting UNSC Res 2231 & ICJ ruling—is impeding aid efforts by #IranianRedCrescent to all communities devastated by unprecedented floods. Blocked equipment includes relief choppers.”

“This isn't just economic warfare; it's economic TERRORISM,” he added.

Donald Trump withdrew US from a multi-lateral nuclear deal with Iran last year, reimposing sanctions that had been lifted under the accord on Tehran in November.

Washington’s refusal to relieve its bans comes as unprecedented heavy rains have caused floods in various parts of Iran over the past two weeks. While scores of people have been killed and injured and a large number were displaced across the country, the bans have pushed relief and rescue organizations to the utmost.