Albanian officials face a prosecution risk by supporting a controversial terrorist group

Two Albanian political figures have made statements that could lead them to be charged with advocating for a terrorist group.

Incumbent leader of the Democratic Party Parliamentary Group, Edmond Spaho and the former Albanian Prime Minister, Pandeli Majko, have spoken in support of the terrorist cult Mujahedin-e Khalq organization (MKO, MEK, PMOI, etc) in a recent meeting with the cult’s ringleader, Maryam Rajavi.

Edmond Spaho has assured Maryam Rajavi of Albanian Democratic Party’s support for the MKO in this meeting. Pandeli Majko has also told Rajavi that he acknowledges MKO’s camp in Tirana as the Iranian embassy in Albania.

As though Albania had pledged to prevent MKO’s activities on its territory after the country took them in in 2013, not only has the MKO’s activities increased in Albania, but also they have been in contact with foreign embassies in the Balkan country.

According to numerous reports by major international media outlets, the MKO pays huge amounts of money to politicians for their attendance at the group’s events. A report by MSNBC revealed a few months ago a detailed list of American politicians who had received money from the MKO to advocate for the group.

It is highly likely that these two Albanian politicians have also taken MKO’s money to promote the infamous group.