Terrorism in West Asia result of US wrong policies

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi said on Wednesday that terrorism in the Middle East and West Asian region has been the result of US' and some of its allies' wrong policies over the past decades.

US has resorted to political use of terrorism to advance its strategic policies, including creation of al-Qaeda, ISIL and other extremist and terrorist groups, and to impose crises, tensions and destabilizing insecurities on the region, Ghasemi said in a statement on Wednesday to respond to Trump's recent anti-Iran remarks.

He said that Trump falsely accuses Iran of sponsoring terrorism, while it is no secret that the Islamic Republic is the biggest victim of terrorismin in the past few decades and has suffered material and spiritual damages fighting against this hideous phenomenon, as it played a decisive role in defeating ISIL in Iraq and Syria.

Foreign Minsitry spokesman underlined that religious minorities, including Jews, live infreely in the Islamic Republic of Iran and have an independent representative in the Parliament.

Ghasemi noted that the religion of Judaism, like other Abrahamic religions, has always been revered by the Islamic Republic of Iran owning a prominent position under the Constitution.

"It cannot and should not be denied that what unfortunately has defamed the true followers of Judaism, is the inhumane and criminal acts of the Zionist regime which has distorted the true face and place of the Jews in the world, in the name of the Jewish religion," Ghasemi reiterated. 

He added that the empty, hallucinatory, and irrational accusations of the US president against the people and government of Iran cannot whitewash the images of the US and the US-backed dictatorial regimes that promote violence and extremism and kill the defenseless people of the region.