Sadistic Bolton enjoys harassing Iran, Foreign Ministry says

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Tuesday that John Bolton, the national security advisor to President Trump, suffers from sadism of causing pain for Iran.

“He has a deep grudge against the Iranians. He has an abnormal behavior and is suffering from sadism of harassing Iran,” Qassemi remarked. 

Talking to reporters in Singapore on Tuesday, Bolton said, “We think the (Iranian) government is under real pressure and it’s our intention to squeeze them very hard. As the British say, squeeze them until the pips squeak.”

Qassemi said Bolton’s “disgraceful remarks” are not something new and shows his aggressive attitude towards the Iranians.

“Use of such disgraceful words by this official of the United States, who has been communicating with certain terrorist groups and receives money from them, is not something to wonder about,” he stated.

The ministry spokesman was referring to the participation of Bolton in the annual gatherings of the terrorist Mojahedin Khalq Organization (MK), also called MEK, in Paris.
Qassemi also said, “He talks about imposing more pressure and sanctions against Iran with a shameful and abnormal pleasure.”

He added Bolton has failed to get a true understanding of Iran. However, Qassemi predicted that Bolton will soon realize about Iran, the Iranian people and their culture.

The Iranian people will stand against the enemies through exercising “strategic patience” and “vigilance”, Qassemi remarked.

Qassemi concluded: "time, history and the Iranian culture have succeeded to tame the “idiot”, “stubborn” and “rebellious” individuals easily."