The West’s double standards in the fight against terrorism

Referring to the recent terrorist attack on a military parade in Iran's southern city of Ahvaz, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani censured double standards adopted by Western countries against terrorism in his speech before world leaders at the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday in New York.

President Rouhani said in a part of his speech: “As victims of terrorism in the past and today, we have always been and will always remain in the forefront of genuine confrontation with terrorism.  Today, we mourn the martyrdom of tens of innocent people, who were recently murdered in cold blood by terrorists who shamelessly accepted responsibility from a number of Western capitals for their heinous crime in interviews with some Western-based broadcasting outfits that are financed by petrodollars. In Iran we have condemned all acts of terrorism without equivocation and will continue to do so.  We welcome the strong statement from the Security Council on this issue. But why can the leaders of these terrorist operations – including the organization that has publicly claimed responsibility for Saturday’s crime—live and operate freely in Western countries, and even openly solicit funds?  Are these activities not in violation of international counter-terrorism norms? Why have the official State-financiers of anti-Iranian terrorist organizations –with their record of financing Al-Qaeda, ISIS and al Nusrah—not only been spared any punishment but are supported and armed? If you want the world public to take your claim of fighting terrorism seriously, it is imperative to start a joint global campaign to fight this scourge, irrespective of the victims or culprits.”

The Iranian President delivered his speech while many ringleaders of terrorist and separatist groups sheltered in Western countries and some regional states, are not only enjoying their freedom to adopt their hostility toward the Islamic Republic of Iran, but also they are occasionally supported by these countries.

Among them are terrorist members of Khalq-e Arab, some of whom were placed on Interpol wanted list 10 years ago, but allowed to move freely in the Europe, holding meetings and organizing street gatherings due to Western governments’ lack of cooperation.

Including to spreading anti-Iran propaganda, these terrorists have been planning and directing their terrorist attacks in Iran from the heart of the Europe in the past 10 years.