Iran intelligence forces arrest 22 people behind Ahvaz terror attack

According to a statement issued by Iranian ministry of intelligence Mon, the Iranian security forces have arrested a number of 22 people in relation with the recent deadly terrorist attack in southern Iranian city of Ahvaz.

According to the Iranian ministry of intelligence’s statement, soon after the terrorist attack took place, the Iranian security forces conducted search operations and found the hideouts of a group of 5 terrorists who belonged to separatist Takfiri groups backed by some 'reactionary states' in the region.

The statement also said that during the operations a number of 22 people who were involved in the terror attack by supporting and helping the perpetrators were also arrested.

It added that explosive devices and military equipment were discovered and confiscated from the terrorists.

At the end, the intelligence forces announced that alongside the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, the Iranian Army, the law enforcement and the judiciary, they too offer their condolences over the terrorist attack to the families of the martyrs, the people of Khuzestan and the Iranian nation as a whole, assuring them that the foreign-backed terrorist groups will be chased and punished everywhere they are in the world.