MeK is the US’s favored democracy for Iran: Hasheminejad

"The US officials’ continued support for the Mojahedin-e Khalq terrorist group contradicts their concern about the state of democracy in Iran." Said Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, Secretary General of Habilian Association, in the 6th New Horizon Conference.
According to Habilian, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Hasheminejad, Secretary General of Habilian Association (Families of 17000 Iranian Victims of Terrorism) gave a lecture at the 6th International New Horizons Conference in Mashad.
In his lecture, which was delivered for more than 50 scholars from around the world on May 13, 2018, Hasheminejad said that Iran have been a victim of terrorism since many countries in the world were not familiar with terrorist acts: “Although terrorism is a familiar phenomenon for many countries in today's world, it was rarely known for many countries when Iran was dealing with it as a daily event.’
Referring to the unpresented number of terror victims in Iran, Habilian SG said that terrorism have had rare qualities in Iran: “Since the victory of the Islamic Revolution until now, about 35 terrorist groups have assassinated 17,000 people in Iran, including the authorities of the country (such as the Supreme Leader, who was seriously injured in his right hand during a terrorist attack), and ordinary people and children.” 
Hasheminejad stated that most of the assassinations in Iran were carried out by the Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MeK), a group which is supported by Western Governments: “Overtly and covertly supported by the West, this group killed about 12,000 officials and ordinary people in Iran.”
Pointing to the Western Authorities’ reports on MeK’s history of terrorism, especially the detailed report released by Clinton administration in 1977, when the group was put in the US’s list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations, Hasheminejad stated that terrorist nature of MeK is a fact that Western Governments know it: “This report points to two very important realities: 1. This terrorist group has assassinated a large number of ordinary people and government officials in Iran; 2. The group is despised by the people of Iran and has killed many Iranians during Iran-Iraq war with the help and complicity of Saddam.”
Considering the Western governments’ support for the MeK despite their knowledge of its terrorist nature, Hasheminejad raised this question that What was the West’s reaction if one of these terrorist acts was performed by a group that had an office in a country hostile to them.
Referring to the US officials’ concern about the state of democracy in Iran, Hasheminejad said that such slogans are in contradiction with their support for the MeK: “Mr. Bolton and Mr. Pompeo, believe that Iran is a tyrannical country and its government must be overthrown. The question is that who would replace this government? The MKO with such amount of crimes and terrorist acts? Is this the United States’ favorite democracy for Iranian people?”  
As the final part of his speech Hasheminejad said that the West’s purpose of support for the Mek is turning Iran into Syria or Iraq: “This is what the Iranian people see of the democracy that Western governments prescribe for them: Making Iran another Syria. From the Western point of view, the meaning of democracy for Iran is turning it into Syria or Iraq.”
You can read the full text of Habilian association’s Secretary General Here.
The 6th New Horizon Conference was held in Mashhad on May 12th through the 15th 2018.
More than 50 senior American, European, Asian and Russian scholars as well as political commentators from Iran were attending the three-day event to discuss different viewpoints and show worldwide solidarity with palestinian oppressed people.