ISIL terrorists involved in Tehran twin attacks on trial

The trial has begun for ISIL elements who were involved in twin attacks in Tehran last June or were intending to go on other lethal rampages in different Iranian cities.

The trial is underway at Branch 15 of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court.

The defendants have been charged with unlawfully purchasing, transporting and possessing weapons.  

Iran’s security forces arrested dozens of ISIL elements inside the country who either were involved in attacks on the Iranian parliament as well as Imam Khomeini’s mausoleum or were plotting to commit other crimes in cities across Iran.

The terrorists were Iranian nationals who had joined the ISIL in Iraq and Syria and had been trained and sent in to the country to go on rampages and commit other terrorist crimes.

All the five ISIL terrorists who were directly taking part in the twin attacks in Tehran could not escape and were killed by Iran's security forces.