Saudi aggression bolstered terrorism in Yemen

Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations said Tue. that Saudi Arabia’s measures instead of promoting peace have expedited the growth of al-Qaeda and ISIL terrorist groups in Yemen.
Speaking to Iranian media in New York, Gholamali Khoshroo made the remarks in reaction to a recent letter penned by the Saudi government to the United Nations, in which Riyadh has alleged that the fired missiles from Yemen were manufactured by Iran.
Khoshroo went on to add, “Saudi Arabia has imposed war, hunger and a humanitarian crisis on the Yemeni people, and to cover up their crimes, the Saudi rulers keep leveling baseless accusations against Iran.”
“Iran categorically rejects any solutions to the Yemeni crisis except for a political one,” he stressed. “We have submitted various political solutions to settle the Yemeni issue to the UN Secretary-General and his special envoy for Yemen. Iran is ready to assist in a political process for Yemen.”
Khoshroo went on express regret over Washington’s selling of weapons to Saudi Arabia to be used against the innocent people of Yemen, saying “major powers are assisting Saudi Arabia in killing Yemeni people, and this is highly dangerous.”
The Iranian UN envoy further called on the Islamic world and the international community to pressure Saudi Arabia into putting an end to its aggression against Yemen and allow the restoration of peace and security to Yemen as soon as possible.