Ana Gomes: Mojahedin Khalq will bring the problems of Iraq to Albania

(Transcription by Iran Interlink)

Ana Gomes MEP

At the AFET Committee – Debriefing on mission to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran

Ana Gomes, S&D Member of the European Parliament, participated at a joint AFET/DRO (Committee of Foreign Affairs and Sub-Committee of Human Rights) to Iran, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait from 11-15 February 2018. At the last AFET Committee meeting, Ana Gomes debriefed the members on the outcomes of the mission.

From 5:17 minutes…

“I just want to end with one matter, our responsibility in the parliament. I met with relatives of the victims of the terrorist organisation called MEK, Mojahedin of the people, National Council of whatever, revolutionary Iran. And they used to be a tool of Saddam Hussein. They are now in Albania. They are creating trouble in Albania, trouble that will come to haunt us. And we cannot continue to allow some members in this parliament out of, possibly out of naivety, to continue to abet some of the members of this organisation. Which are keeping people hostage, namely in Albania. Now I met with relatives in Iran of those people that cannot establish contact with their children, with their relatives because of this sect (cult) preventing that. We in the parliament cannot continue to turn a blind eye on our responsibility.