Iran nips Saudi-pushed terror attack in bud

Iranian Intelligence Ministry agents have nipped in bud a Saudi-operated scheme to carry out terrorist bombing in the Islamic Republic.
According to an announcement by the ministry released on Wednesday, the agents found and confiscated 23 rigged bombs of the remote-operated kind which “had been brought to the country according to plans by Saudi Arabian intelligence services to cause harassment and insecurity in eastern provinces”.
According to the same report, the Intelligence Ministry also found a similar cargo of arms and terror equipment in the western province of Kordestan.
The ministry said the cargo consisted of TNT, C4, explosive kits, 150 electronic triggers, as well as 41 hand grenades, 31 Kalashnikov magazines, 4 RPG rounds, and a number of combat rifles.
It added the cargo belonged to a separatist terrorist group and was discovered in the city of Marivan.