Intelligence Min. says 120 terror cells dismantled in Iran

Addressing an event in Karaj, on Saturday, Iranian Intelligence Minister Alavi said that during the time of terrorism flourishing in the region, Iranian security forces destructed 120 terrorist groups.

“Despite the downfall of ISIL terrorists in the region, the enemy is after delivering new blows to the Islamic Establishment and it is necessary to stay cautioned,” said Iranian Intelligence Minister Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi on Saturday in Karaj.

Referring to the Unity Week, Mr. Alavi called for convergence to progress the process of affairs saying that conflict and dispute will slow down the forward movement of nations.

“During the time that the region was at its most vulnerable state, terrorist groups were repeatedly pummeled by the anonymous forces of the intelligence ministry,” highlighted the Iranian minister.

“At this time around 120 terror cells, intending to conduct sabotage operations in Iran, were dismantled,” he added.