Rouhani hails eradication of ISIS

President Rouhani congratulated the eradication of ISIS terrorist group in Syria to the Supreme Leader, armed forces of the IRGC, the Army and the Quds Force, especially Major General Qasem Soleimani, as well as Iranian diplomats.

Speaking at the Fifth National Congress of the House of Farmers on Tuesday in Tehran, Dr Rouhani added: "I thank all warriors of Islam, our diplomats, the government and the nation, as well as the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution, armed forces and the Iraqi and Syrian nation for their efforts to put an end to a group that did not bring anything for us but evil, misery, destruction, murder and savagery".

"ISIS is a terrorist group that was fed and armed by major world powers and some reactionary countries of the region, outperforming historic criminals by their crimes," he continued.

Stating that the rooting out of ISIS terrorist group from Syria was very good news for the Iranian nation and the peoples of the region, he said: "The bulk of the work was done by the people and armies of Syria, Iraq and Lebanon and we helped them out of our religious and Islamic duty".

"What they plundered from Iraqi and Syrian museums were sold by the same world powers in the markets," said the President adding that they also sold the girls and women in these markets and committed crimes that surpassed the history of crime.

He continued: "We never imagined that in the 21st century, criminals backed by western countries, Americans and the Zionist Regime would commit such crimes," continued Dr Rouhani adding that they thought they would stay in the region for many years, and will continue looting and crimes.

"Today, with the help of God and the attempts of the peoples of the region, we can say that this evil has either been removed or reduced. Of course, the remaining ones will continue working, but their foundations have been dismantled," said the President.

President congratulated this great victory on the Supreme Leader, the Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Quds Force, especially Major General Qasem Soleimani, and all those who worked in this direction, especially the diplomats of the country who were working had in Astana Summit to find a diplomatic solution for the problem, saying: "Tomorrow, the presidents of Iran, Turkey and Russia will meet in a tripartite summit to discuss the future of Syria and the region".

The eradication of ISIS terrorist group from Syria was very good news for the Iranian nation and the peoples of the region, he said, adding: "The bulk of the work was done by the people and armies of Syria and Iraq with the help of countries of the region, especially the Islamic Republic of Iran but it is regretful that in this situation, the foreign ministers of an old, worn, exhausted and ineffective organisation named Arab League gather together and speak about why the Yemeni people have been able to respond after enduring two years of aggression, denouncing the Yemeni people's missile attack on Riyadh".

Pointing out that the countries of the region are in a great test today, he said: "When the Iraqi people were under the attack of the ISIS and the Syrian people were fighting ISIS in Aleppo and Deir ez-Zor and the Yemeni people were under the bombing of the Saudis and the Lebanese were struggling with the terrorists, where was the Arab League? And where is it today when the Palestinian people are being explicitly oppressed?".

Dr Rouhani added: "It is disappointing that some people who call themselves Muslims and Arabs are expressing disappointment that an innocent nation has been able to respond to the hostile acts against its people, saying why the Yemeni people and army were able to do this with a missile they owned".

"The actions were a signal proving that we should stand on our own feet in today's world and that our national, military, economic and food security should be made by ourselves," the president said by asking the question that aren't Iraqis, Syrians, and Yemenis a part of the Arab world?

"Peace in our society is dependent on the efforts and powerful arms of our farmers," the president said, saying that farmers provide food security for the country.

Dr Rouhani stressed: "If our country faces concerns for its food one day, things will go unpredictable".

Referring to the recent earthquake in Kermanshah province, the President also said: "The sadness of our fellow Iranians, friends, brothers and sisters in Kermanshah are the sadness of all the people."

The president noted: "The nation of Iran is a vigilant, alert and united nation and the government is nothing but the representative of the people and its authority and power is based on this."

Dr Rouhani stated: "The government is chosen by the people and accepts responsibility with people's votes, and there is never a gap between the government and the people."

The president added: "Everything that the government does is with people's money and the country's treasury belongs to the people, and the government is working on representing the people in the country's development".

"We hope that God will increase our devotion and kindness in hard days, and that with the efforts of the government and the people, the sadness will be wiped off the people of Kermanshah's face," he continued.