Intelligence Ministry detains ISIL-affiliated group

TEHRAN, Jun. 25 (MNA) – Iran’s Intelligence Ministry has announced that a terrorist group affiliated with ISIL, were identified through combined intelligence operations.

In its statement, the Iranian Ministry of Intelligence stated that the arrested terrorist group, comprising ISIL elements, was planning to carry out terrorist actions in religious cities of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“On the eve of Eid al-Fitr and in time with Quds Day, combatants and brave soldiers of Iran managed to identify and detain an ISIL-affiliated terrorist group who was devising a plot to be worked in certain religious provinces and cities of the country. The terrorists were captured in the course of a series of combined intelligence operations before they could carry out any actions with explosive and suicide equipment.

Different pieces of equipment were discovered and seized from the terrorist group including three Kalashnikov rifles, a Berta machine counter with muffler, a night vision camera, three suicide belts, three telephones equipped for remote explosion, large quantities of cartridges, bomb-making materials, explosive kits, electronic devices and other bomb-making technical equipment.