Iran-France cooperation in fighting terrorism to boost

Presidents of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the Republic of France spoke on telephone and stressed that insensitive terrorist attacks will make their further firm their resolve in fighting terrorism, both presidents underlining that Tehran-Paris cooperation in combatting terrorism will be promoted.

During the phone call that was initiated from the French side late on Wednesday, Dr Rouhani appreciated President Emmanuel Macron for his call and words of condolence and said: “This terrorist attack that left a number of Iranians dead, will lead to greater resolve to combat terrorism from the side of Iranian nation and administration”.

Stressing that fighting terrorism requires a coordinated, joint action in the international stage, he said: “Without a doubt, the Iranian nation will continue fighting the scourge of terrorism alongside the free countries around the world and Tehran is ready to deepen its ties with Paris in this regard”.

This terrorist act is done by the enemies of democracy following Iran’s glorious elections, said Dr Rouhani adding: “Democracy and people’s attendance in various fields is the biggest move that can stand against terrorism”.

He also underscored that terrorist must be eradicated from its roots, adding: “We must not allow the sponsors of terrorism around the world to continue supporting the terrorists”.

Referring to cultural and civilizational commonalities between the Iranian and French nations, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran said: “The Iranian government is ready to combat terrorism decisively alongside the governments of France and other European countries”.

Dr Rouhani also voiced Iran’s readiness to develop its ties and cooperation with France in all fields, saying: “Developing and deepening cooperation between the two countries is aimed at serving common interests of the two great Iranian and French nations”.

He also referred to regional developments and described dialogue and political negotiation as the best solution for resolving issues and settling disputes.

During the phone call, the President of France expressed his condolences over the death of Iranians in the terrorist attack and stressed that the French government and nation were standing by the Iranian government and nation.

“We are completely ready to develop cooperation with Tehran in combatting terrorism with more resolve and determination,” continued President Macron.

He also stressed cementing and deepening relations between Tehran and Paris in all fields of mutual interest adding: “We are ready to develop cooperation”.

The two sides also discussed close stances with regard to issues such as Syria and Yemen, underscoring more consultation.