Sayed Abolhasan Mossavi Khorshidi

Sayed Abolhasan Mossavi Khorshidi was born in Khorshidkala, a village in Galugah County, Mazandaran, on June 23, 1960. Before the revolution, he was electrical engineering student in Iran University of Science and Technology. After the revolution, with the rise of the actions of subversive groups in Kurdistan, he went there and in Divandarreh, a city in and capital of Divandarreh County, Kurdistan Province, carried out political and cultural activities. In Kurdistan, he was constantly threatened by criminal groups linked to global imperialism, but with inner faith and serious determination continued his valuable services to the oppressed people of Kurdistan. After a period of political consultations, he was elected governor of Kurdistan. In the early 61 he came to Tehran and was served in IRGC. Mossavi Khorshidi’s plans and advices were always noticed by IRGC commanders and his numerous articles and pamphlets about dealing with counter-revolutionaries were helpful for many vague issues. Eventually on April 7, 1983 he was assassinated by an agent of MeK terrorist group around Gorgan, when he was returning from a mission in Mashhad.