On-time action: Iran’s advantage or disadvantage?

Current stability in Iran and the continuation of long-standing amiable relationship between all religions in our country, amid the instability and vicious sectarian war in some of the countries in our region- provoked by the extremists and foreign elements- prove that:
-    Islamic Republic of Iran has potently prevented the entrance of unrest and struggles into the country, particularly by controlling the terrorist groups which plan to destabilize Iran.
-    There are no grounds for religious conflicts in Iran and people do not welcome groups like ISIS, which has faith in religion and besides massacre the followers of all different religions.
This stability amid such an unrest and violence has seemingly caused confusion and even anger for some, including the Amnesty International!
In its report recently published, AI has highlighted the execution of the members of “Tawhid and Jihad” terrorist group. While criticizing Iran for these executions, Amnesty International claimed that they were Iranian Sunnis who were tortured to confess to the acts they had not done at all. Part of the report refers to documentaries, in which the members of the terrorist group describe their crimes; AI has called it “propaganda” for the purpose of justifying the executions; in addition, AI introduces Habilian Institution and the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (TV) as the producers of these documentaries.
It is very much surprising that the Amnesty International ignores the victims, who were mostly Iranian Sunnis, as well as the documentaries showing the members of the terrorist group committing crimes and robberies!
 It even becomes more surprising when the AI censors the unity of Shiite and Sunni in Iran and also the fact that security and stability prevails in the regions inhabited mostly by the Sunnis; and AI has done it all in order to promote its own propaganda and political objectives against Iran.
However, it should be noted that “Tawhid and Jihad” was a branch of ISIS; the same terrorist group now attacked in Iraq and Syria by massive armies of different countries, which consider it an honor to kill any of its leaders.
“Tawhid and Jihad” was controlled thanks to learning from experiences pertained to the ISIS so that the world does not need to see other cases of inhumane and violent crimes; so that displaced Iraqis and Syrians, after bloody years and while still hassling with it, will not have to see and hear again -in electoral debates or upon the exposure of classified information on wrong policies- how effective or ineffective the western politicians were in establishing and empowering the ISIS. Such confessions and disclosures will even add to their sufferings instead of lessening them.