Regional coop. best way out of insecurity, terrorism

TEHRAN, Dec. 11 (MNA) – Minister of Intelligence Mahmoud Alavi deemed collective effort to spur regional security as the best way to deal with goals and aspirations of global arrogance.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the International Conference on Regional Security Order in the West Asia underway in Tehran, Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi said today interests of countries in various regions are integrated and similar to unions for economic activities like ASEAN, a synergy and cooperation is also required for security purposes in each region.

“Nowadays, roots of insecurity can be traced both inside and outside the countries,” highlighted the official underscoring that notable achievements in establishing security will be never achieved unless all states join hands to manage causes and components of insecurity.

Iran’s intelligence minister said West Asia, in addition to intrinsic factors which give way to its insecurity, is being driven by greed of global arrogance and Zionism; “in attempt to fulfil its malicious objectives, global arrogance is stimulating insecurity inside the region; consequently, national security of countries urges them to collaborate and the ongoing conference has provided an excellent opportunity for scholars and elites to exchange views on relevant issues.”

“Some 300 articles have been submitted to the conference majority of which have been written by youth elites of West Asia,” stressed the official noting that a number of outstanding articles will be awarded.

In response to a question on Iran’s possible reaction to the recent comments made by Britain’s UK, Alavi deemed it as crystal clear that Iran would never bind its security or economic arenas with those of Western countries so that they could choose the path for us; “Iran, like other regional countries, will take decisions and define plans on the basis of its own interests.”

The Iranian intelligence minister, while emphasizing that Iran’s security is interrelated with that of regional states, said Iran had repeatedly voiced readiness to take steps by launching intellectual and practical cooperation in line with supplying its own security in addition to that of neighboring and West Asian states.

When asked about Iran’s top security priority, the official asserted that, on the surface, terrorism seems to be of utmost significance though infrastructures which provoke terrorism in the region remain as the prime concern.

He further underlined that the best method for thwarting aims and objectives of global arrogance is collective collaboration for settling security so that nations and countries will enjoy peace and tranquility.

“Holding similar conferences and seminars will pave the path for spurring stability and security as well as cooperation among regional countries,” he concluded.