Israel spreading terrorism to weaken Islamic Ummah

TEHRAN, Nov. 07 (MNA) – Iran’s Parliament Speaker said the continuation of current crises and spread of terrorism is the policy of the Zionist regime to weaken the strength of the Islamic Ummah.

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani made the remark in a meeting with a Tunisian parliamentary delegation in Tehran on Sunday, while adding that ‘awareness’ and ‘correct understanding’ among Muslim countries can help put an end to the crises.

Larijani deemed western media propaganda ‘purposeful’ and in line with strengthening terrorist groups in region, adding “Shias and Sunnis are both against any terrorist attacks, and it is only a minority group like the Wahhabis with international support that seek to create discord among Muslim nations.”

Elsewhere, Larijani referred to the growing political, economic and cultural relations between Iran and Tunisia, adding “ample opportunities have been provided after the Tunisian Revolution, and the development of cultural and trade transactions between Tehran and Tunis can bring about further understanding of each country’s capacities.”

The Iranian senior official also stressed the importance of improving the level of parliamentary ties, as well as further exchange of experience in the fields of legislation and technology.

A Tunisian MP, Mubarakeh al-Baraheni, on behalf of the parliamentarian delegation present at the meeting underscored the need for bolstering relations with Iran in political, economic and parliamentary fields.

She noted that western media always distort the realities of Iran in a bid to spread anti-Iranian sentiments, create discord and establish their own sinister policies in Muslim countries.

She also criticized Saudi Arabia for its unjust war campaign in Yemen, and lauded the Islamic Republic’s support to Syrian nation and government in combating terrorism.