Democratic party of Iranian Kurdistan

Democratic party- now dissolved- was established in 1945 by Ghazi Mohammad, one of the main Kurdish leaders [known as Khans], with the assistance of other sub-regional leaders who were looking for the backup and support by the Soviet. Less than a year later, Qavam os-Saltaneh travelled to the Soviet Union and promised some privileges by the Iranian side, stimulating the Soviets to suppress the uprisings in the city of Mahabad which were already created by the Soviet Union itself.
Hence, Ghazi Mohammad’s movement failed and consequently, he and two of his comrades were hanged in Mahabad. Following this, the group’s activities started to decline and it became limited to publishing newspaper and leaflets abroad, financed by Iraq and the Tudeh Party.

After the Iranian Revolution in 1979, the party escalated its enmity to the Islamic government, focusing on social poverty and social sentiments, recruiting members like Abdullah Issaci, Abdulrahman Ghasemlou, Rahmatollah Shariati, Aziz Yousefi, Dr. Ali Mousavi and Ghani Bolourian, forcing Imam Khomeini to issue a statement in order to call the group as “the Party of Satan” and order its dissolving.

The party was divided to two in 1980, of which Ghani Bolourian’s division was very important due to its revelations.
In 1981, the party approached the MKO and became a member of its National Council of Resistance (NCR), stating that “toppling of Islamic Republic of Iran” was one of its main goals.

The Party used each and every possible means in order for its hostile activities and crimes against the Iranian government and innocent people. During the early years after the Iranian Revolution, this dissolved group committed several terrorist crimes against the people and military personnel in the region.

Date of Establishment: 1945
Leaders: Ghazi Mohammad, Abdulrahman Ghasemlou, Mostafa Hejri;
Activities: Armed struggle, terrorist attacks and assassinations;
Ideology: communism;
Region of Activity: Northwest of Iran (Kurdistan, Western Azarbaijan, Kermanshah);
Current Leaders’ Residence: Sweden, Germany and England;
Current Status: Dissolved, carrying out terrorist attacks in Western provinces of Iran.