FM source: Iran selling arms to ISIL claims 'ridiculous'

TEHRAN, Aug. 11 (MNA) – A source from Iran Foreign Ministry rejected the claim of Israeli-related websites that Iran sells arms to the terrorists.

“It is a ridiculous claim, fabricated and invalid,” an informed source at Iran's Foreign Ministry rejected the accusations that the Islamic Republic of Iran sells arms to the ISIL in Sinai desert.

The diplomat made the remark in reaction to the news spread by ‘Zionist regime’s websites and news outlets,’ and underlined that these kinds of news fabrication would not change the truths.

“Iran’s principle-ruled approach to the terrorist groups and Zionist militia like the ISIL is quite clear and these amateurish fabrications are unfounded and useless,” highlighted the source.

The Iranian diplomat reiterated that the Islamic Republic of Iran will continue its fight with Takfiri terrorists and its call for global action against inhumane acts of the terrorists.

“These days, no country in the world is unaware of the sinister triangle of Saudi regime, Zionist regime, and Takfiri terrorists who have set their mind to create and keep chaos and insecurity in the region and the world,” reassured the Foreign Ministry source.