Some states not willing to counter Daesh, Iran says

TEHRAN – Iranian Supreme National Security Council Secretary Ali Shamkhani said on Tuesday that some countries in the region and beyond are not willing to fight Daesh.

Shamkhani made the remarks during a meeting in Tehran with Barham Salih, former prime minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government and former deputy Iraqi prime minister.

The top security official also highlighted the importance of unity among the various Iraqi ethnic and political groups.

“Strategic interests of Iraq and its regional power can be recognized only through strengthening a united and integrated Iraq,” Shamkhani noted.

He also said that “deep friendship” between Iran and the Iraqi Kurds is a result of cooperation during difficult times.

Elsewhere, Shamkhani said that a country’s capability to counter security threats is the “most important sign of a government’s efficiency”.

He also praised the Iraqi capability created through the efforts of religious scholars, people, military forces, and the government’s prudence.

Shamkhani also said that dialogue is the only way to settle disputes.

For his part, Salih praised Iran’s supports and “valuable actions” in fighting terrorism.

Salehi also said “expansion of ties and cooperation with Iran is very important for Iraqi Kurdistan” and described Iran as a “strategic” partner.

He also highlighted the importance of raising awareness about the terrorist moves and Takfiri ideology.