Moharram Ali Bahramian

Moharram Ali Bahramian was born on May 31, 1945 in Seyghal Sara, a village in Rezvanshahr city, Gilan Province. Moharram Ali lost his father when he was 4 and lived with his uncle. He studied up to the Secondary school, but due to poor economic conditions of his uncle’s family could not continue his education and turned to working job to support them. After the victory of the revolution, Moharram Ali joined Basij Volunteer forces and used to collaborate with the Basij Institution of Rezvanshahr. Moharram Ali who had active role in countering anti-revolutionary groups, especially the MKO terrorist group, finally was assassinated by them on November 27, 1982 when he was sleeping in his uncle’s home. Moharram Ali’s 80 years old uncle was also assassinated in the attack.