‘Respecting one another’s cultures’ way to eschew terrorism

TEHRAN, Jul. 20 (MNA) – President Rouhani said Wed. for achieving sustainable peace in the world, one must learn to respect others’ cultures and strive to bring societies closer to one another in respect to culture and life style.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani made the remark on Wednesday while addressing the first World Conference of Mayors and Councilors 2016 in Tehran, adding “connection among various cities in the world will be a factor to enhance emotional, cultural, economic, social and even scientific and management ties between different countries.”

The President noted that tourism and the wide-spread popularity of social networks in cyberspace have been instrumental in closing the gap between thoughts and opinions of people across the world.

Elsewhere, Rouhani stressed the need for using the experience and expertise of other countries for a more efficient management of cities, adding “some of our cities are currently gripped with stifling dust storms. In developed countries, certain preventive measures have been taken in order to lessen the damage of this phenomenon.”

President Rouhani then discussed a list of fundamental measures taken during his office for combating environmental issues, including the tremendous efforts made for the revival of Lake Urmia, the production of Euro IV petrol, and various decisions to be implemented for putting old cars out of commission.

In three years’ time, we were also able to add 140 million cubic meters to the country’s gas production and by the end of this year, 9 per cent of fuels for our power plants will be liquid.

President Rouhani further maintained that more significant steps need to be taken toward protection of environment in Iran, including the use of foreign investment and technology.

The 1st ‘World Conference of Mayors and Councilors' kicked off at Tehran Milad Tower on Wednesday with over 2000 participants from more than 20 countries. The conference will wrap up on Thursday.